firefox Fryar's Maritime Service is the premier source for certification and training for maritime personnel pursuing maritime profession or upgrading their current license or merchant mariner's document by offering U. S. Coast Guard approved courses and License Examination Preparation.

U. S. Coast Guard Approved Courses
License Exam Prep
Test at the USCG REC
Master / Mate 100 Ton Third & Second Mate
OUPV (6 pack) Terrestrial Navigation
Celestial Navigation Master/Mate 500/1600 Ton
Flashing Light Master/Mate 200 Ton
Rules of the Road Apprentice Mate Towing Vessels
Able-bodied Seaman
Rules of the Road
Celestial Navigation
Fishing Vessels

firefox Mike Fryar, senior instructor and owner, prepares applicants for U. S. Coast Guard licensing exams by attending an approved course or by a distant learning program utilizing an online curriculum. As with most training books, CD's, and study materials the student has limited or no access to the instructor to answer questions. The ON-LINE advantages for a student are:

  1. Study at home or underway.
  2. Save time, travel and money.
  3. Have an instructor to answer questions and provide specific guidance for license exam preparation.
  4. Self paced

A major disadvantage to this method of instruction is that the student must be dedicated; be able to devote the necessary time and effort to accomplish this task.

firefox With over 35 years of maritime industry experience Mike makes certain each applicant is learning from a maritime expert. Each course is taught to meet U. S. Coast Guard and Washington State [Eligibility Provider List] standards. Mike has and holds a Master 1600 Ton-Oceans license.